37 Stories

37 Stories is an animated series of the Parables of Jesus


Bringing the Stories Jesus Told to Life

A precious pearl. A shepherd scouring the hills for a lost sheep. A vineyard where the workers revolt and murder the owner’s beloved son. An invitation to a wedding feast declined by some but embraced by others. These unforgettable images all make their way into the 37 stories Jesus told—parables that revealed the character of God and the nature of his kingdom.

Powerful Stories

The vision of 37 Stories is to bring all of Jesus’s parables found in the New Testament to life through artistic animation that resonates with a global multi-cultural audience. This project is unique in the way it balances a strong desire to be faithful to the text of scripture with a creative vision that orients these timeless stories in the modern world. The parables are God’s stories for all generations and they’ve been entrusted to us. The aim of 37 Stories is to retell them faithfully in a way that will appeal to our generation.

Beautiful Craft

The producers of 37 Stories are passionate about beautifully crafted animation. We are committed to working with professional animators, voice actors, and musicians from around the world to deliver captivating, high-quality short films. The art of animation doesn’t just appeal to children; the artistry of these films speaks across generations and cultures.

Many Languages

Jesus’s message was for every nation, people, and tribe on earth. His mission was for the whole world. So, we want to facilitate the dubbing of these animated parables into as many languages as possible. Anywhere the Gospels have been translated into a language, the script for 37 Stories is already available. The pacing of the narration of each film has been crafted to make dubbing into multiple languages as easy as possible.