The purpose of this project is to develop a web site of the complete parables of Jesus found in the synoptic gospels.  The thirty-seven stories would correspond to the same number of animations featured on the site.  Each story/animated feature would have native language speakers dynamically reading each parable for narration.  The web site with finished narrated animations would have the ability for one to download optimized videos for smartphones.

Need Statement

In our experience evangelistic materials (web-sites, print and videos) tend to be translated Western materials usually apologetic in nature.  These are met with limited success.  This project seeks to recapture the way in which Jesus communicated with those outside the faith – largely through parables.  This is a mostly forgotten mode of communication, but it does two things really well.  It shares truth not through propositions but through stories, which are easier to grasp, retain and share.  It also functions as an innocuous filtering mechanism for those with spiritual eyes and ears. (Luke 8)